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ion cro
unit   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 30-Jul-2001
Reset is a new project from Patrick Stevens (Hypnoskull, Sonar, Tunnel) that he aims at keeping in a club oriented stream of underground techno. With this debut for Unit, a strong young label mirroring the quality of its Possessive Blindfold elder, he's definitely succeeded with this modest goal.

The first aspect of Ion Cro that jumps out at me is the simplicity. It's not heavily layered or overly structured, intricately programmed or sequenced to death - it's basically just clean sounding, repetitive electronic percussion with a driving persistence. Up front techno without any gimmicks. Subtle textural samples and slight processing spruce things up a bit in places, but in the end it's the beats that reign.

With over fifty minutes of these relentless, straightforward beats pounding away, this disc can become a little redundant -- the word 'monotonous' was even used in the bio -- but Steven's direct approach of telling it like it is when it comes to this music shouldn't draw anyone in that will be disappointed. For the most part the age-old 'less is more' credo seems to hold true with this material.

I can see how a 12" release of this material would be ideal, since these beats would be perfect for blending into atmospheres and samples on the spot in a live setting, if only to thicken up the mix and add some new elements to the sound. Definitely geared toward a dance crowd, if played loud enough you'll find Reset thumping away in your head long after the disc is over.

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