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abfahrt hinwil
toytronic   2001
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"programm 2"
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"links berge rechts gehen"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 28-Jul-2001
these two abfahrt hinwil vinyls releasesd simultaneously have been an amazing update from this legendary idm label, keeping up with stellar standards once established by toytronic.

as mentioned before, abfahrt hinwil is a creation of martin haidinger responsible for gimmik and chris cunnigham; both are also credited among the group of people running toytronic records.

this vinyl (as well as “program 2”) are done in the best toyronic traditions – superb production, sensuous melodies, intricate programming. I listen to this record over and over again, and I wish it was more than just four tracks.

“bumperstufe” opens side a with short dry percussion workout that quickly develops glittering key sequences and almost playful little noises. it swirls around lightheartedly, pauses for a short time and then goes on with an addition of small synthlines and crunchier percussion. “phase iv” is next – quieter, carefully entering with tiny percussion steps, almost unsure of itself. small melody carries the track through overlaid with breathtakingly beautiful and clean key sequences. it is infinitely melancholic and simply charming.

side b opens with bouncy rhythms of “tech 7”. they are supported by lush distant melody and shimmering, playful keys. it flows energetically, distancing itself, elegant and refined, teasing and serious. “tech 8” continues with slowly building ambient piece constructed around gentle sparse keys and deep strings. it pauses, slows down, gently moves along, barely touching and yet always present.

obviously, this disk will not escape being compared with gimmik. it seems to lead into a different direction that latest gimmik, providing more vigorous rhythms and not being as openly emotional as gimmik, toying around with lighter, happier sound. and yet it is elegant and clean, simple and polished, not going for the dazzling sensory overload of “load error.”

if you are familiar with toytronic, you probably snatched this one right after it got released, for the rest of you out there, I would suggest getting it before it’s too late.

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