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dub   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Jun-2001

I first heard eog on excellent "nummer drei" compilation from dub. this is their first 12" on dub (not counting split and compilation appearances). eog is stylistically similar to funckarma, combining tough layered percussion with melancholic and often dark melody. each track on this short vinyl revolves around heavy sparse percussion, multiple layeres of noises, hisses, various cut-up sounds and small, gentle melody.

the tracks are both heavy and fragile, melodic and almost aggressive at times, deceptively minimal, striking you with its complexity the next moment.

opening "solid liquid" starts out with small uneasy melody joined later by sparse break beats, in recognizable dub manner. small clicks, hisses compliment this balance of tight percussion drops and fragile melody.

following "birdwatch" features cold independent melody and hollow percussion drops. it is elegant and warm, lacking splintery, rigid sounds of traditional idm; it is dreamy and intense at the same time.

second side starts out with "metmex" which is the most abrasive and heaviest track on this vinyl, overlaid by hisses and static. at times it pauses and lets the melody through.

finally, "reqium" (the track that appeared on "nummer drei") closes the record. it is my favorite here; the atmosphere it builds with dark synthlines offset by slow, heavy percussion and light minimal keys is irresistible. it combines so many emotions in such a seamless way, that one takes it for granted, only later realizing how rich this track really is.

I would highly recommend this vinyl to anyone that is fond of dub sounds, or anyone with a taste for heavy intricate percussion, good composition and melody.

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