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eye kandy
dream kill dream

album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 19-Jun-2001
This half-hour EP from Eye Kandy is the debut from the New Jersey based five piece, which they both recorded and released themselves. The all too common electro/metal/industrial crossover formula has unequivocally been flogged to death over the years, and though all six of these songs are technically and musically skilled, it takes quite a bit of innovation to stand out within this tried and true style. That said, the band may not stand head and shoulders above their counterparts, but they still manage to come off with a fair debut.

The first track on DreamKillDream, "Vibe Sequence," also happens to stand out as one of the strongest. Fuzzy, distorted vocals, clean programming, hard pounding drum machine beats and thick metal guitar chords round out the mix... ingredients most everyone is familiar with. The cover of Berlin's "The Metro" is a straightforward adaptation of the 1982 new-wave track applied to the band's formula. The melodic vocals on all these tracks, though gritty, have a slight, catchy pop bent which works really well. There are some programming relics in use, with a little too much of that antiquated sounding clap effect (which probably should have been left in the 80s) used on "Mental." The guitars are in full effect on the disc's last track, "Nothing Can Change." The chords dominate the sound, replete with a subdued, crooning solo.

If I had to define Eye Kandy's debut as either a fresh new sound to feast your ears on or a stale serving of innocuous electro-industrial leftovers, I'd probably have to lean towards the latter impression. Even so, this is a first attempt and the band has ample room for improvement.

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