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delicate piece of machinery
slave indvstries
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"pulse.modulation 3""
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 16-Jun-2001
This limited edition CD-R released last summer predates Exclipsect's Frozen Empire Media 3", pulse.modulation, and the project's subsequent signing to Possessive-Blindfold. Basically, it's one of the first formal introductions to the relentless, bludgeoning beats that define Mason Yarnell's penchant for fast paced, lead weight rhythms that strike me as anything but 'delicate,' though the mechanical reference in the title is spot on. The bombardment of rough, technoid beats persists with the intensity and chutzpah of a flock of woodpeckers on methamphetamines. Distortion and grit add dense, course textures, with all the programming tightly woven in with the beats. "Watch the Gap" mixes things up the most, adding more assortment and variety to a less militant mix. The layered percussion is almost funky, with a twisted, cryptic vocal sample worming around the surface. This is solid stuff, though I'm sure it will sound quite a bit different from the upcoming split 10" with Zymosiz, which is Exclipsect's PBR debut set for release this summer.

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