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venetian snares
songs about my cats
planet mu   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Jun-2001

mr. snares never ceases to surprise me with his versatility. this is a third release for him on planet mu, and yet another music style. "songs about my cats" is a step towards idm, a step taken from "making orange things," as opposed to "shiver in eternal darkness" or "salt."

I was rather hesitant at first, not knowing what to think of the album. I loved the way "making orange things" combined aggression and broken, unpredictable percussion. the stuff was amazing - violent, funny, complex and cool as hell. at first it appeared to me that "songs about my cats" is a tame version of that, a step towards broken tunes of idm. the aggression and heaviness were gone, instead replaced by a few colder atmospheric sweeps and lots of analog and tiny videogame noises.

this album does not have the melody that was preent on "shiver in eternal darkness", nor does it have the violence of "making orange things", and yet it has something else, that after a while kept me listening to this album on and on.

first of all, when you set aside some of the most annoying and most obvious kittie references ("meow, meow" jingle was not all that needed), the percussion is what (once again!) shines on its own. all those broken tunes, closely cut-up noises, bits and pieces of disjointed drum&bass or glitches might not be very cohesive (the word "composition" is not really something that should be used here), but they are simply amazing in their intricate richness, their bouncy randomness. they are completely self-absorbed and self-sufficient, building an intricate, constantly mutating and never boring landscape. I have not heard that intricate and diverse of a percussion in the longest time. add to that a healthy dose of background strings and a few samples of popular tunes, and you get yourself and ultimate listening candy.

at times it might display bouncy, autechre-like rigidity, or funkier, goofier style that could be a match for percussion of early gimmik, and at times it inserts a few heavier elements that are (very distantly) related to sheer madness of "making orange things."

this album has a different appeal, that might take a few listens to get used to. it is not as instantly likable (or dislikable, judging by the number of people almost physically hurt by "making orange things"), but it has a deeper, more "intellectual" appeal, that I am sure will find its audience.

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