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pulse.modulation 3"
frozen empire media   2000
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"delicate piece of machinery"
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 30-May-2001
Frozen Empire Media is getting into the nasty habit of introducing me to great new projects, and then providing me with just enough music to get me severely hooked and provide me with a minimum fix. Their method of choice: relatively harmless looking 3" CD-Rs that teach you not to underestimate the small things in life.

Exclipsect is the project of San Francisco's Mason Yarnell, who has released a pair of CD-Rs in addition to pulse.modulation since his debut back in April. This new disc, his first for FEM, features 20 minutes of electronics that simultaneously captivate and pummel you. The opener, "Resona Reflect," is a dark, attractive swell of atmospheres and blended samples that lures you in like a venus fly trap. "Syringe Signal Contour" shakes the fog and introduces the beatty Exclipsect brawn: heavy, industrial strength electro rhythms with a dense, compact, sledgehammer delivery. The tonal layer is still tucked away in the backdrop, but takes an immediate back seat to the intense percussion.

The title track adds a noisier bent to the beats, which take on a static charged, distorted quality. The same pulverizing tempo marches right on through to the start of "Export Nine," the final track. Here the pace switches over to a more disjointed, tech step approach. Spastic percussion exerts itself in random patterns over a backdrop of deep, droning static. It builds up, cacophony style, before dissipating into a quick tonal fade out.

Though elements of the disc remind me of NKVD or Needle Sharing, it really does have its own energy. For the meager cost of $4 ppd I can't think of any reasonable excuses not to give this disc a try, unless of course all 65 copies are sold out (which unfortunately seems all too likely). You won't go without, though: there are live mp3s up at the Exclipsect website, as well as a whack of tracks up at

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