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exist cd-r
d-trash records   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 30-May-2001
Exist is an erratic, 'glitch prone, corny-core' collaboration between Canadian digital hardcore terrorists J. Schizoid and .miQ (of noCore and Zymotic). This is their debut release -- ten chaotic tracks of thoroughly processed, warped and mutilated samples strung together with hyper, uneven percussion and raw, glitchy electronics.

Various riffs, beats, voices and hordes of other unidentifiable noises are all sliced up and thrown into a frenzied stew of hectic sampling, which actually comes out sounding surprisingly dense and well intact. There are certain threads each track builds upon over a steady 4/4 tempo, giving it the impression of 'controlled chaos' as opposed to a meltdown of all-out sampling noise.

Given the contrasting severity of Schizoid's sound, it's easy to see that Exist is an effective outlet for this pair's collective fun and mayhem. With a strong dose of their sense of humor showing through, this is definitely an entertaining listen. Half of the CD's tracks are available for download at

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    *this whole cd is at too (53 characters)
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