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element... silence
self-released   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 27-May-2001

This CD-R is purely promotional, strictly made for labels, zines and DJ's. Don't worry, though -- all of this material will be available in some form sooner or later. Three of these five tracks are rough versions of pieces that will be featured on Radial's upcoming Triumvirate debut, Nexus. The remaining two are compilation tracks: "Splinters" is currently available on Frozen Empire Media's Colliding Frequencies, and "Epithet" is due out soon on Ad Noiseam's Krach Test.

Self described as rhythmical noise and ambient structures, Radial injects a new bent into the hard edged sound of hyperactive, distorted percussion, repetitive textures and sharp, melodic abrasions. "Splinters" is a stand-out track. Soft, simple, soothing notes resembling the minimal precision of Aphex Twin's ambient works sharply contrast an all-out assault of hard, tumbling rhythms. This track displays the careful manipulation of detail that Radial seems to have a penchant for.

"Shattering Teardrops" works with a similar contrast, like wildflowers somehow growing from the cracks in a sidewalk berated by heavy, rhythmic footsteps. A lot of the tracks work with glitches that sound really similar to CD-R defects, which can be a little unnerving when you're so accustomed to avoiding these sounds. No doubt an intentional effect. This is a very strong collection of material, and promises to be only a faint shadow of the full length in the works. More info and sound files are available at

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