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rhythmusmaschine eins - zwei
ant-zen   1998
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Aug-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
this is rhythm-and-noise at its best. hypnoskull presents rather simple noise structures that turn out to be very powerful and addictive. i guess it is the same kind of control and power that was used in the tribal gatherings. it is the power of the beat, the driving force, the noise that it unleashed on the listener - pulsating, vibrating, hard and driving. it is raw force and tribal energy, it awakens something primitive, very basic and violent in the listener. hypnoskull exploits this with its creations assaulting you with repetitive powerful distorted beats, occasional piercing noises, and heavy-weight harsh sonic structures. the music is clear from "industrial" or "electronic" music cliches and is ingenious and extremely addictive in this purity and simplicity; the album definitely has a hypnotic effect on its audience.
the packaging contains an essay titled "power of noise" that extends the influence even more (slightly off music (and noise) topic, but rather amusing in itself).
my favorites on the album are "rhythmusmaschine eins-zwei" - most famous track on the disk presented in three versions (original, d&b remix, and h-remix). "media terrorist" - almost danceable light track with jumpy beats, "the choice" - another lighter track on the album, "let's go" could be easily mistaken for a noisex track with its dark feeling and rippled twisted sound, "desire" - very harsh and heavy track with sudden ear-piercing bursts of noise. "psychotic bass" - another rhythm'n'noise as it should be - repetitive, hard, and powerful.

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