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pitchcadet   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 27-May-2001

open intimate gateways with the fascinating and intricate sounds of one aaron tweedy of m-tec, one-part of accelera deck and founder of pitchcadet records. this musician's work uniquely compares to the likes of other great idm architects like bola, gimmik, autechre, and even gridlock, just to name a few.

i originally discovered this artist on the "neurokinetic" compilation from toytronic records with the divine craftsmanship on the track "nitch." you are immediately dropped in a tranquil labyrinth of unmethodical rhythms and seductively layered string harmonies that move with soft transitional velocity. And it only gets better as the compositions transcend into the next height on this release.

m-tec pushes fresh analog chords and patches that fit perfectly into a category of it's own as well. it will not surprise me to see this band release several more records on other new idm labels besides his own.

tracks such as "sky-haze" remind me of the persistence of gimmik's programming that meets the relentless work of gridlock's dynamics. undeniable sly slippery rhythms encompassed by iridescent harmonies that fill the body and mind with contentment. "ryth" characterizes, if not defines some of the directions gridlock has chosen in the past few years; with luminescent string melodies that are entangled with shifting irresistible beats and tempo structures.

track six, "Tank-knaT" shows a slightly darker direction that reminds me somewhat of datathief's dark electro/idm edge meets bola. a complex menagerie of sliding, erratic percussion work and light glittering harmonies that descend to warm dark chords that entice the soul. another very strong and timeless track.

aaron tweedy has built a magical creature to the idm minded and the mature listener. this one goes into my top ten idm picks!

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2 comments total; last posted on 20-Jul-2001 18:06
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    m-tec (238 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 20-Jul-2001 18:05indeed an excellent release. a nice combination of smooth "round" percussion, little idm intricacy and sweet simple melodies. a little dreamy, a little playful. incredibly well-balanced in this respect, combining it all in a perfect form.

    re: m-tec (127 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 20-Jul-2001 18:06oh and i forgot to mention the obvious "italian school" reference - all their analog splendor, lush melodies, simple harmonies.

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