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ffwd burnout!
ant-zen   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 22-Nov-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
hypnoskull is one of those projects that cannot be judged by the music only. being accused of simplicity and repetitiveness, hypnoskull still manages to keep this strange appeal for me. yes, the music is really straightforward, lacking strings or melodies, all tracks are percussion-driven - a simple combination of distorted beats and constant rhythm, occasionally overlaid with samples.
however, if you take hypnoskull for what it is, not expecting complex sound structures, take into account his (sometimes rather silly) propaganda and multimedia installations - it becomes a solid act with a unique sound and influence on its listeners.
this time, "ffwd burnout!" is pretty much the same as previous album charged with constant rhythm and clashing distorted beats, filled with analog electronics and distorted sonic loops. my favorite tracks on the disk include "take your head off" (which is a bonus track created by hypnoskull vs. tunnel (patrick's side project); for some reason it reminds me of atari teenage riot's sonic escapades) that features rather interesting percussion arrangements and really stands out on the disk; "down again" that almost has a melody, changing throughout the track. both hypnoskull vs. tunnel tracks greately benefit from the vocals (well, spoken word i guess) in comparison with the rest of material on the album (except for the fact that the lyrics was quite silly).
as previous hypnoskull album, "ffwd burnout!" will leave the listener with a very "fast-forward" feeling, charged and hyped.

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