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hellfish & producer
constant mutation
planet mu   2000
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"no mistakes allowed"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 22-May-2001
this explosive duo (luke mcmillan aka dj producer and julian cobb aka hellfish) presents the best in the “classic” speedcore/hardcore genre – barrage of well-produced high-bpm violent percussion, noisy textures, plenty of funky samples that will definitely cheer you up. there’s a definite hip-hop presence on this album; you cannot really be sure whether it is made fun of (since it does bring a smile on your face), but it works out quite nicely (think “vip torture” by panacea).

I am glad to see the diversity present on this album that accompanies straightforward pummeling percussion attacks. for the most part the disk manages to avoid repetitiveness of the genre as a whole, constantly mutating and keeping things fun. oh, and did I mention the aggression and heaviness present on this album? these definitely were the selling points for me.

as far as “strict” speedcore albums go, this is one of the most interesting out there. kick back, grit your teeth, close your eyes, and off you go.

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