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electronic music means war to us
ant-zen   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 21-May-2001
it is hard to say whether it is a next logical progression for hypnoskull or simply a different turn, change in music style. it appears that patrick has studied a lot of recent rhythm&noise projects and has incorporated many elements in hypnoskull sound, at the same time keeping the repetitive hard-hitting rhythms he has always been famous for. one of the positive things about this album is that hypnoskull intensified its sound, at the same time keeping it persistent. before my main problem with hypnoskull was its “bouncy” sound; it was too “light,” lacking heaviness and aggression of many rhythm&noise bands.

patrick has finally grasped and put together the best features of all his side projects and previous material, creating a record that brings out the essence of rhythm&noise. those of you that have enjoyed raw violence and heaviness of early sonar, or crunchiness of sona eact and mono no aware, or technoid beats of ion cro will find all those on this album in their primal, cleaned-up and perfected form.

it appears that hypnoskull finally took that special spirit and aggression that before surfaced only during the live shows, and finally incorporated it in the studio album. this new hypnoskull is heavier, crunchier, more layered and abrasive. at the same time it never gave up its relentless beat structure, spicing it up with addition of well-placed screeches, corroded textures. at times I keep wondering, how in the hell he managed to keep all this aggression and heaviness hidden for such a long time.

it would be interesting to notice that tracks like “electronic music means war to us” or simply brutal “elektrattack” get really close to a bizarre and yet very powerful hybrid of noisy speedcore and zhark-like power rhythms layered with violent noisy clashes. at the same time, patrick ventures out to technoid/breakcore world with tracks like “harddrive.” and sometimes you can even detect some non-linear idm-like broken, bleepy percussion textures, or pulsing acid techno overlaid with corroded noises. no matter what elements were used on each track, the result is always violent, heavy and driving.

overall, it is a surprisingly good album. I can (finally) wholeheartedly accept hypnoskull’s sound, and truly enjoy its heavy, aggressive, uncompromising nature. this is definitely an album I would recommend to anyone into rhythmic noisy side of music. patrick has incorporated so many elements coming into this album, that it redefines the whole genre, and takes it to the completely new level.

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