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cage decay
radio penetration
syncromesh   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 15-May-2001
about a year ago I got the first full-length cage decay release. back then the band used to play a mix of heavy rhythms and dark abrasive ambient textures. apparently since then a lot of things have changed – kevin potts has been signed by badger’s syncromesh label and shifted his style to a mix of straightforward technoid rhythms mixed together with sparse abrasive textures.

although noisy textures still remained on few tracks, the rest of the album leans closer to next generation of ebm. this next generation is best represented by “technoid beats for a paradox movement” by pierrepoint. both albums are remarkably close to each other, with cage decay providing more diversity and pleasant layered interludes between trance-powered flowing percussion. but do not let the term “ebm” mislead you – on this album you will find many elements creatively adapted from many genres – be it lightweight atonal strings, non-linear broken percussion, heavyweight power rhythms of hard techno, or dark ambient sweeps filled with hollow noises and analog bleeps and cuts.

after a while I would get bored with pierrepoint tracks that were overly simplistic at times, providing nothing more but pure unchanging drive. thankfully, cage decay does not rely solely on stomping rhythms, introducing small noises, frequencies, dark sonic sweeps, random breaks and other pleasant sonic goodies that make this more of a “listening” album.

overall this is definitely one of the best releases for floor I have heard in while, that at the same time provides enough entertainment for any audiophile that would appreciate the variety of elements used on this album. and compared with previous album, this is a very impressive step forward, resulting in a very mature and complete work that definitely should be noticed.

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