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venetian snares + speedranch
making orange things
planet mu   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 13-May-2001; last updated on 16-May-2001 by anton
as tom@spectre puts it, "violence is good for you," and in this respect "making orange things" is as good as it gets. I am sure that by this time you heard a thing or two about prolific canadian "wunderkind" mr. snares, that has been recently signed by planet mu.

mr. snares is making orange things together with speedranch. some of you are probably familiar with him by his collaboration with part of v/vm, jansky noise. you might find interesting the fact that this album has been created by two musicians over icq.

"making orange things" is the most violent, noisiest and fun record I have heard in a longest time. it creates a terrorizing wall of sound, splatter mix of broken drill&noise, speedcore, drum&bass, tweaked frequencies, cut-up noises, bizarre funky samples, and straight noise attacks. it rattles the speakers, shatters the windows, drives your adrenaline to all-time high and then pins you to the floor with the thunderous percussion attacks.

each track constantly changes, one second exploding with speedcore passages, and the next moment tripping over itself and collapsing into broken, twisted and aggressive techstep. few opening tracks really remind me idm gone bad a maddening in its complexity and ferocity atmosphere, that is truly fascinating. heavy corroded beats and constantly spinning, breaking, crushing and rolling breaks, noises, screeches, cut-up speedcore textures constantly mutate and span multiple genres with only few things remaining in common speed, aggression, and fun.

I cannot really say which part of the disk belongs to which musician, but this disk is yet another side of venetian snares, and probably my favorite one to this point (of course, I have not heard "songs about my cats" yet).

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