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bochum welt
ant-zen   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-Mar-2001
at times I wonder about the direction of hymen records, as it seems to encompass so many genres under its roof. but I guess every single one so far fits within "technoid noises" definition. bochum welt is an idm outfit that is really close to 80s splendor of final frontier or nature labels. it shines with clean analog lines and simple crisp downtempo percussion (80s disco at its best adapted with "laptop rock" attitude). I would love to see many industrial heads groove to it simply because it comes from hymen, knowing that at the same time they dismiss every other similar idm effort out there. of course the majority of the industrial crowd would flee from this sound, but a few would stay and pursue the genre, and I guess this is what makes hymen an amazing label, making its very diversity its best feature.

bochum welt will definitely attract most of the people that are into softer, retro side of idm. at times it mind remind you of tender and na´ve kraftwerk adapted to fit the idm profile. two out of four tracks feature clean untreated vocals that makes the kraftwerk similarity even stronger. I find it minimalism and simplicity charming and something I could listen to for a while, at the same time this "cute" sound takes a while to get used to, if you are coming from darker genres.

my favorite one on this cd is opening "fashion" since it combines well-placed vocal samples with beautiful analog melody, creating a very warm yet mysterious feeling, captivating with its simplicity and charm.

I would be curious to see if hymen would pursue this idm direction, meanwhile I can try and track down earlier bochum welt albums.

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