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toytronic   1998
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Mar-2001
this review is the last one in the series covering all toytronic material up to date. conveniently enough, a number of new highly anticipated records should see the light of day sometime soon. still, I would consider all toytronic material to be a "must have" for any fan of melodic idm. I have always admired the exquisite taste of toytronic that always picks the best of the best to be released on the label.

this compilation is a predecessor of "neurokinetic" and features some of the tracks that later on appeared on full-length toytronic releases. playful "bleepypooh" by mr. projectile opens side a. strong breakbeats slowly emerge from the mass of confused broken sound splinters later on joined by beautifully shaped atonal melodic elements. the track is almost aggressive at times combining it with gentle melodic touch. next is "bulb" by e.o.g. that slowly builds up intensity with minimal beats that finally breaks out into complex swirling percussion backed by deep strings and simple analog key progressions. this track is both intimate and strikingly elegant.

num num continues with "bias" that starts out with a rhythmic workout and then changes into beautiful lush melody combining both bouncing percussion layers and somber, melancholic melody. braille mddx closes this side with a whole array of analog goodies that are piled on top of each other forming a delicate and intricate structure.

accelera deck (their record "disquieting" on [fwd: released last year is equally impressive) opens side b with very nice spacey and rich melody and a whole array of scratching, disturbed noises as well as almost "groovy" sounds that yet keep the track in a serious mood. following "caps lock" by multiplex is probably one of my favorite songs in this genre - flowing addictive melody, rich layered percussion textures, excellent composition, amazing use of analog sounds; definitely a memorable track.

"sonic surface" by abfahrt hinwil is noticeably colder, opening with sparse percussion and ambient sweeps. gentle percussion trickles through later, building an amazing fragile structure that is carefully carried through the whole track. closing "resonance" by gimmik was somewhat of a surprise, as it turned out to be a beautifully-composed almost atmospheric track where percussion elements used merely support lush and delicate melodic lines. it works perfectly as a closing track for this record.

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