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ninetynine remixes
metropolis   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 19-Nov-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
this time around the legendary band delivers a cd full of remixes from "ninetynine". i was quite intrigued and eager to listen to this disk; being quite startled by "ninetynine" itself that took me a while to get used to, i was curious to see where the band moves next (especially considering the brilliance of architect and advances on drum'n'bass scene).
the timing of this release is perfect - it took that long for me to shed off memories and legacy of old haujobb and appreciate the new sound just for what it is. the remixes are very transparent and minimal, the brilliance and perfection is in every moment. the remix cd finally established haujobb in the new scene of intelligent electronic music (although architect, newt and cleen arrived there a lot faster lacking the burden of fame). i admire the way haujobb manages to push the boundaries and define the standards keeping in touch with the latest in the scene.
the sound that the listener is presented with is very minimal; each element is carefully placed in place to form the delicate structure of the track. the music is soft and enveloping you in the cloud of clean electronic melodies, the ambience that is created stays for a long time after the track is stopped; the intricate structure is present on every track; the programming is quite elaborate keeping only essentials in place. this is one of those releases that you will come back to again and again looking for nice atmospheric music or intelligent and thought-provoking ambience or even upbeat and delicate tune.
the cd contains architect mix of "cutedge", several version of "overflow", "pulsar", photic sonar composition and some other tracks. just like newt, every sound on this cd is perfect and undoubtedly will be stolen/used by countless bands for years and years to come, defining the electronic scene of the future. "ninetynine remixes" will be fully enjoyed by those eclectic listeners with exquisite taste.

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