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ant-zen   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Mar-2001
after hearing morgenstern on excellent "maschinenfest 2000" sampler as well as reading some of the rave reviews about their life performances, I was ready to hear something very impressive that would overshadow their previous album, that frankly, never grew on me despite all my attempts.
one thing I can say is that "cold" is definitely better than "zyklen". however almost none of the flaws of their sound that I pointed out before have been fixed. the sound is still overly cluttered and raw. It is noisy alright, but this kind of noise could be fitting only five years ago, nowadays it seems to be archaic leaving an impression of being poorly produced.
taken one track at a time, it could be tolerable, especially if you listen to tracks like already familiar "horny being" that starts up with excellent cold string elements that slowly dissolve into massive caustic collage of pulsating textures and controlled static. but after a while, it all becomes too boring and artificial, especially when rhythmic parts kick in, something that I welcomed at first, only to recognize them as maddeningly repetitive and distracting later. on every track I enjoyed a few moments (dense saturated noise textures or nice balance of cold distant strings and broken corroded percussion or simply caustic crashes and explosions), but they never lead to anything, quickly becoming overly repetitive. rhythmic elements (that at times seemed to be merely an attempt to jump on popular bandwagon) only increased overall feeling of confusion, obscuring anything else that could be interesting.
the band's sound might be really impressive live, but as a standalone album it simply fails to capture my attention for long. the composition and overall sense of direction seems to be lacking here, pure sound manipulation could be interesting to some, but I cannot get into an album based on this alone.

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