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load error
toytronic   1997
  see also
"slow motion process"
"rythms der stadt"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 24-Feb-2001; last updated on 26-Feb-2001 by anton
I was not sure what to say about this album at first, but after incredibly impressive “slow motion process”, I have a little more outlook on band’s material which allows me to be more objective. two years separate both albums, and I can see how the band improved its sound, became more “serious” and melodic.

“load error” is a first release for toytronic label. the record is overloaded with intricate percussion textures, that slide, sparkle, pulsate, bounce and mesmerize you with their liveliness. at the same time small “cute” melody builds up, shining with simple soft keys and random noises. my biggest problem was that despite amazing production (each element is crisp, clean and meticulously polished) and incredibly complex sounds, every single track features a lot of “cartoon” elements – small bleeps, funky noises, etc – something that could be a background for a looney toones series. if you would be able to bypass that (and it took me a few listens to arrive to this point), you will enjoy the incredible sonic wizardry of gimmik.

“load error” is built upon warm melodies with a touch of melancholy, occasional drum&bass patterns, constantly changing percussion fountain, deep underlying rhythmic textures and a blanket of small random noises, clicks, occasional abrasive patterns. this rich sonic cocktail is the best treat for anyone who cares about this kind of sound manipulation, while at the same time its unique spirit and atmosphere should get everyone else.

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    more gimmik (126 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 26-Feb-2001 09:33apaprently there's more gimmik on the way, now i just need to get a hold of their latest material, since it's already sold out