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monochrome plural
domino   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 15-Feb-2001
fizzarum is a russian idm outfit recently surfaced on toytronic and art-tek label samplers. they are part of mu project that also includes the likes of eu, solar x, atom, novel23, etc and is a growing collaboration of russian musicians and designers working in the digital media.
after initial listen I had an impression that the sound of this album follows somewhat dry and overly mechanized style of idm, sort of "broken jukebox" wizardry. however soon enough I came to realize that only a few tracks on this album reflected that, the rest were full of gorgeous melodies and intricate sounds that proved to be quite irresistible.
something that I realized about this album is a certain very "sincere" style of the music. despite all the sound manipulations, it remains very tender and personal. all emotions are expressed in a simple touching manner. maybe a nice retro feel created by analog elements used adds to this impression, or maybe it's simple melodies that are never ostentatious, never repeating and always express a whole bouquet of emotions. this emotional sincerity and calmness framed in haywire of collapsing swirling percussion elements is a distinct style of fizzarum (not as obvious on their earlier "microphorus" vinyl).
I was very pleased to hear some processed vocal samples on "ursa-majoris" as well as "izoterica". the latter one fit so perfectly that I kept listening to this track again and again just to hear this sample. this line from an old russian sci-fi (I suppose it can be called that) movie stressed even more "retro-futuristic", almost nostalgic in this sense, atmosphere of the album. I would really like to see more russian samples used in later fizzarum work. for once, I have not really heard that many well-placed russian samples, also I think that this style will definitely gain a lot with addition of subtle voice elements (just listen to "synthetic form" by gridlock), and finally I still have to pay tribute to my industrial/dark electro background.
overall this album displays a wide variety of styles from cold minimal technoid sounds to sensuous melodies and analog idm splendor. most of the tracks are quite emotional, and I am sure that any attentive listener will be as impressed with this album as I am (and I hope that my national pride does not affect my judgment too much).

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    more stuff from (281 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 26-Feb-2001 09:38...just been listening to some more stuff from, some nice nice material from lazyfish (some tracks sound like swayzak at times) and eu (a bit too dry and crunchy, but still very very nice)

    plus the website design is nice.. and there's even some stuff in english as well :)

    sample origin (141 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 26-Feb-2001 09:41can't get this voice sample out of my mind (the one mentioned in review) - could it be from the cartoon based on the kir bylychev (sp?) book?

    re: sample origin (22 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 10-Jan-2016 14:14yes, that could be..

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