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cellulo´d mata vs. elektroplasma
l'art et la guerre   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 15-Feb-2001
celluloid mata is the most prolific member of zone 51 family. this time around they collaborate with elektroplasma, and the result is most impressive mix of ambient and rhythmic structures. I have to say that I approached this record with mixed feeling, not being too excited after "sable" by celluloid mata. but after few moments into this record I was caught in its wonderful atmosphere. this split collaboration made me go back and listen to "sable" again and again, until I finally started to appreciate it more, losing that initial negative impression I had.
celluloid mata's side starts out with beautiful clean strings. atonal keys, random abrasive noises, clicks, corroded sounds add a strange mechanized touch, at the same time creating depth and heaviness balanced by soft atmospheric undertones. this peculiar ambient is strangely addictive and very memorable. later on a darker caustic frequencies enter followed by saturated bass drops - most characteristic of celluloid mata. the atmosphere gets colder, yet retaining its ambient touch. and finally we are treated with familiar rhythmic workout.
elektroplasma's side greets us with corroded breaks, slowly developing frequencies and distant eerie noises. it's a solid atmospheric part with barrage of heavy processed noises, massive percussive crashes and distant strings. its cold ambient with very unique touch blending deep strings with a lot of mechanized elements. its depth and intensity are truly mesmerizing, yet all the sounds are arranged perfectly, never becoming cluttered achieving precise balanced feel. towards the end of the track violent rhythms step in pierced by saturated basslines.
the best thing about this record is how it builds its atmosphere, gradually working towards tempo and style changes, encompassing them in one solid piece. slowly developing dark ambient reaches monumental proportions and then explodes in rhythmic waves of percussion. this is why I initially was disappointed with "sable" where so many styles appeared to be simply pieced together lacking a solid connection with each other. on this record it all seems to come together.

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    similarities to trifid project (145 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 26-Feb-2001 16:36i do have to say that some of the elements i enjoyed so much about this release surfaced on trifid project released on vacuum; highly recommended

    (0 characters)
    by Seal Phuric on 8-Jan-2016 12:11