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pendragon   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 18-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
this new release from gridlock is a must for every fan - it is limited to 1000 copies and comes packaged in 5.25 floppy case and antistatic plastic bag. the disk includes live versions of "burn", "retina", "scrape", and "sever" recorded between 1997 and 1999. also the remake of "metro" (originally by berlin) surfaces again on this release - quite unusual for gridlock and i was quite stunned when i heard it on a tape a few years ago.
one of the best treats on the disk is aghast view remixing gridlock - finally someone dared to do that - and i have to say that aghast view, being one of the best remixing bands around, did their job magnificently. they have changed "burn" to sound like a nice electro track with constant tempo and thick sound, more organized and structured, still retaining the intensity and some of the gridlock percussion. this is one of the most impressive reconstructions/mixes i have heard in a long time.
"5.25" is one of the two new tracks presented on cd. it is very minimalistic and transparent in its sound - the crushing percussion and thick beats that rip through the sound layers are absent here, instead, you are treated with careful delicate percussion that keeps you intrigued throughout all 10+ minutes of the track. beats are arranged to create quite dense sound that is backed by very carefully placed bassline. "5.25" is quite similar to under (check out the exoskeleton 2 comp for their track).
"II" is one of the earliest tracks that still has a visible goth feeling to it while hinting the road the gridlock took later on. it appeared earlier on demos and "culture shock" comp under different names.
"program41" is another track that has an atmospheric feel to it with a lot of strings and very minimalistic percussion; it is very light and by far one of the "sweetest" songs released under the name "gridlock".
"edit364" is the new track from upcoming "trace", and it sounds more like gridlock (if 5.25 and program41 scared you by their similarity with under - edit364 will make you feel a lot better). the begining of the track is simply amazing - it builds up slowly to reach the peak of intensity where the power of the compressed beats takes over and the track plunges into the swirling depths of music. the end of the track is filled with familiar chaotic ambience (under again?).
overall, a great treat for any gridlock-obsessed fan that frantically buys every cd that has "gridlock" (or dryft/under/paste) on it; and a nice introduction of things to come.

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