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frozen empire media   2000
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"halcyon" review by ben
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 19-Jan-2001
"halcyon" is the second release from idyl. it would be appropriate to mention that previous demo, "kef" has been one of the most impressive deoms last year in this genre. once again it is on frozen empire media, the label that is releasing more and more impressive material in the rhythmic noise genre. if fem will continue in that vein, it will become a major force, especially considering how focused they are genre-wise.

but back to "halcyon," overall the album seems to follow the same pattern of mixing harsh abrasive percussion in the best traditions of rhythm&noise with nicely arranged strings that float throughout the song. this way percussive power of the track gets nicely contrasted by emotions suggested by mysterious string elements.

percussion textures is what is so nice about idyl; he manages to make them crunchy and yet very technoid-sounding. at times I wish they were more random and even heavier, but it is merely an opinion. at the same time, I wish idyl was evolving towards more complex and deeper strings, adding more depth and range to his music. take "stringent" for example, slow and graceful strings start the track, but it is merely an interlude that is replaced by pounding percussion that later gets offset by emerging strings. clean pauses are placed nicely, but once again, I wish there were more layers and different emotions, if you wish.

the most violent and abrasive track is appropriately titled "relentless awakening" and features more cohesive mix of intense percussion layers and strings that do not seem as detached from the track. dense explosive rhythms crash, swirl and advance with almost militant persistence, making this the most driving and varied track on the cd.

overall, it is still a great release, the band is going the right direction and undoubtedly is evolving. the sound is a nicely arranged and executed mix of heavy rhythms and melodic elements that altogether leaves a strong and unique impression.

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