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venetian snares
zhark   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 12-Dec-2000
after listening to quite a few of its peers, I can say that venetian snares makes one of the most impressive mix of breakcore, dislocated drum&bass and plenty of noise elements that blend together with a defnite recognizable style that is fun and serious at the same time. this four-track vinyl consists of two tracks from full-length "printf('shiver in eternal darkness/n')" album ("salt" and "intense demonic attacks" that both are one of my favorites on that cd) as well as two new tracks - "mismo canibalismo" and "diffuse vertigo jenny." this album appears to have better production, cleaner sound and fortunately, it lacks that "in-your-face" funkiness and trashy "garage" attitude that popped up here and there on the full-length. every single track on this record shows different sides of venetian snares - from heavy drum&bass-driven mayhem backed by atmospheric movements to more persistent rhythm-based percussion playground.

opening "salt" arises from the mass of fuzzy frequencies, broken faded strings and collapsing frequencies. intricate fast percussion swirls, advances, pauses for a second to give way to backing hollow basslines and atmospheric sweeps. it is not massively heavy like panacea, but more intricate, a lot more varied and builds on top of deeper darker atmospheric elements and storming, constantly changing, erupting percussion. the track constantly changes, occasional exotic vocal samples are pierced by drilling noises, deep vibrating basslines.

"mismo canibalismo" is more techno-oriented with dramatic symphonic passages that move into swinging speedcore movements. later familiar chaotic percussion takes over, building its intricate texture on top of echoing atmospheric lines and spinning percussion loops. "intense demonic attacks" remains on of my band's favorites. opening melody, sounding like something off tim burton's soundtrack, breaks into edgy drum&bass loops backed by small noisy frequencies that never take over the track, adding a nice touch to the firm percussion.

"diffuse vertigo jenny" is swirling, moving percussion mass with intense breaks and crashes breaking through it. almost speedcore outbursts drill the clashing, pulsating surface of the track. firestorm of corroded beats, stuttering noises, random clicks and buzzes.

venetian snares creates the sound that is completely unexpected, incredibly varied and yet possessing its own unique style. somehow, considering all the diversity of its tracks, venetian snares manages to sound consistent and solid - something that unfortunately is not that common in this genre, when experimentation and fascination with sounds takes over. and after all, their music is simply fun to listen to, a welcome and very fortunate quality. I could only recommend this record to anyone that could appreciate the intricacies and energy of this genre.

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