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in death's throes
infernal deities transcending
lbrf   1999

album rating: 1

submitted by alan on 28-Nov-2000
Bringing with them a packet of haunting atmospheres, these Cleveland, Ohio musicians show some promising points that lean towards Cold Spring and CMI artists. Combining some raw old-school dark ambient strings and disturbing sound textures and samples that often can be quite frightening, while at times may drag on just a little too far for my taste. There is a consistent overall mood created with each track that flows into the next making the release very solid through.

Many tracks use dark revolving patches that swell and fade creating a nice sense of enclosed and confined space. A good example of these would lie with "in celebration II (the port)" and "civil disobedience." Sometimes the vocals and samples get pushed to the forefront too much and do distract, but for the most part they stay subtle and act more like chilling atmospheric textures. It is tough to analyze in exact detail what the intentions were behind the music, but I can say it works pretty well and may require a few more listens to get into it fully.

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