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cortex stimulation
daft   1996
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hybryds/pal-yasnaa split review

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 26-Nov-2000
Wow! Sheer masterful, constricting ritualistic power electronics that stands the test of time and obviously holds as one the most accomplished releases by these very talented musicians. Introducing Magthea's and Yasnaya's "cyber-punk" theme; focusing on more synthetic and hypnotic noise elements assimilated with earlier ritualistic idealism. The meshing of both elements is astonishing, making this one of my favorite of the many releases I have from these artists.

We are introduced to this bio-synthetic cyber-world with the predominant and furious rhythms of "the beast." The title track "cortex stimulation" provides the perfect example of combined efforts of their earlier raw ritual sound and new artificial noise elements. Containing very hypnotic abrasive rhythms that bounce effectively with the layered neo-subliminals and processed feedback loops.

Yasnaya presents a darker and more introspective execution on her vocal meanderings on "inside my mind." The next tracks, "fractal collapse" & "Angels Loose Their Wings" could teach many harsh noise acts of today a thing or two, assaulting us with viscous high pitched modulated frequencies, layered statics, and revolving drones. A raw live version of the ever-lasting "I Walk Alone" bombards us with its tremendous and magical beats that are accompanied by the beautifully dark chants of both Yasnaya and Magthea. "Launching Virus" dirges as the most persistent track that also holds as a favorite for the hyper-turbulent rhythms, charred statics, and laced oscillations that fills my mind with trance-induced visions. Erotic and very surreal nature of "the snake" pulls back into more traditional ritualistic sounds momentarily preparing us for last two cyber-punk movements. "The silence of the mind" takes us deep into the psyche with gradual Eastern atmospheres, spiraling drones, and distant voices of shamans surrounding us with their shadowy voices. Closing this powerful collage of cyber-punk rituals, we hear the mystical and enchantingly mysterious work of "I hear you whisper." Magthea's deep and shadowy words ascend around the driven rhythms that make this track very alluring and yet another very favorite to my liking on this release.

After listening and exploring many facets of power electronics and dark ambient, I have to say this album stands as one of the most original releases of Hybryds and will surely hold its ground now, and for future addicts of these genres to enjoy! Majestic, powerful, ritualistic!

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