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maschinenwelt   1999

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 29-Jul-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
this is the disk that some people call the "best disk of 1999". while listening to "electrocution" i was wondering how much work and creativity it takes to create a cliché danceable sound. seems like in case of e-craft it involves mostly cut-n-paste techniques (i have to say that they learned to do it really well and sometimes even come up with an interesting result). the music lacks originality amazingly resembling funker vogt and majority of other modern ebm acts with same beats, loops and drum programming. while there are some original elements in band's work, and the band clearly doesn't lack talent, they will not go further than a "one-time hit" success until they come up with some creative sound of their own and stop trying to pack the dancefloors with familiar pumping funker vogt sound.
most of the songs on the album are extremely danceable but they grow boring after first 20-30 seconds. i found it quite interesting to see how recognizable the influences are; i might even suggest that for someone unfamiliar with the scene this album might actually be quite interesting. my picks on the album are "full of decay" with the sound that utilizes a lot of elements from other bands but produces a mix that is quite catchy (clearly kmfdm + funker vogt), "brich es" - could be a nice club song with its german vocals and simple beats.
if you have some extra money or you are in the sarcastic mood and want to find out what are the most common music elements used in today's electro/ebm scene - this is your pick.

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