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horse penis pants
possessive blindfold recordings   1999
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possessive blindfold recordings

album rating: 2

submitted by the black oil on 31-Oct-2000
H.P.P. is the new project from Maurizio Landini, one half of the excellent Italian dark ambient act, I Burn. Unfortunately, this CD is not up to the fine standards set by the parent act. H.P.P. is yet another entry into the growing rhythmic noise scene, with hard, crunchy beats, cold percussion, and injections of abrasive noise to round it out. “Horse Penis Pants” is very much in the mold of acts like Sonar. And there is the fundamental problem with the album.

While the CD is not exactly horrible and the tracks are competently done, there is no new ground being broken here. The style showcased has already been done numerous times by a plethora of other acts, and done better. A big drawback is the lack of any variety in the beat structures. The same pattern is pretty much uniform throughout the whole album. H.P.P. are certainly not the only technoise act to do this. As has been said, this is identical to the compositional philosophy of an act like Sonar. But Sonar succeeds in making their music interesting by ensuring that the things going on underneath the beats are always in a state of flux, always ever changing, forcing the listener to pay attention. Sonar also seems to know when an idea has run its course, and when it is time for a track to end. With H.P.P. the various loops and bursts of distortion that provide the foundation for each piece pretty much stay in a set conglomeration from start to finish. You have a hard, repetitive beat. You have some noise underneath. And, well, that’s it. After a while, it just gets old, with nothing to set one track apart from the next.

Hopefully, with more time to formulate and realize ideas, future releases will see more experimentation and depth. For now, however, listeners interested in this style would be better off looking into the works of Sonar, in this reviewer’s opinion. And for a better example of Mr. Landini’s work, check out the aforementioned superb I Burn project.

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