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v.3 demo
self-produced   1999
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"clear vision"
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 18-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
things have changed yet again, things have evolved and things have only become even better for what seems to be the most promising new act to arise into the electro-industrial scene. this time we are presented with the seven-track demo containing three new tracks ("the soft parade", "faded" and "fine time") and four new mixes of earlier tracks ("new mind", "cervical biopsy", "fermenting" and "little boys, little girls").
The previous abrasive and textural sound of earlier dubok has diminished and deteriorated, and a new creature has molted. Leaving the gritty menacing voxx, alone this time around, ian and elias utlize clean vocal textures with precision that flow perfectly with the new uncompromising sound constructed by heil and elias.
Percussive structures assimilate gridlock's complexity and abrasiveness and numb's density and composition. This is especially apparent on the new mix of "new mind" and the new track "faded". Use of more complex jungle, tribal, crush-down beats and drum and bass are also relevant to dubok's new stylings. The string elements are even more beautifully menacing reminding me yet again of gridlock's string compositions, but definitely used at different pace - much-much faster generation and flow.
New tracks such as "fine time" explore use of more speedy drum'n'bass elements, harmonic resonance loops, and even some very nice piano lines. This should be the demo that makes heads turn and labels react; hell, I had to go to the hospital after listening to this thing.

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