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in strict confidence
bloodline   2000
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"kiss the shadow"
"love kills"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 20-Oct-2000
I can only applause the choice of the song for this single - "zauberschloss" was one of my favorite tracks on "love kills." a standard set of both radio and extended versions of the tile track are present, both are quite close to the original - energetic and melodic; driving rhythms and emotional voice of dennis as usual make a great combination.

l'ame immortelle provides their interpretation of "zauberschloss" in their recently adopted nicely orchestrated, epic and warm fashion; almost ethereal, beautiful slow melody is accompanied with rich strings, pleasant piano passages making it a very unexpected and powerful track.

more traditional "stern" follows, keeping up the energy of previous album. "weltuntergang (minuswelt)" is quite impressive almost atmospheric track that mixes light strings and keys with slower percussion, distant samples and small noises. this clean instrumental is such a contrast with a title track, thus making it even more enjoyable. another surprise is "meer aus traenen" - a slow graceful ballad dominated by vocals, with minimum of music arrangements. "der hass" is straightforward electro track with rich samples, darker, richer and more orchestrated approach.

overall this is very diverse and interesting release that delivers everything a single should be - a few tracks in different styles together with some varied mixes of the title song. definitely something to pick up for the fans of the band.

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