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evils toy
bmg   2000
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"virtual state"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 20-Oct-2000
it is quite amusing to trace the history of the band, starting from standard "pissed-off" electro of "human refuse" and "morbid mind", continuing with more melodic and clean "illusions" and "xtc implant" followed by incredibly catchy and pleasant light electro of "angels only." now with a new wholesome boy-band attitude (that picture on "virtual state" is engraved in my mind), the band enters mainstream pop, simplifying their songs even more, cleaning them up and making them more melodic and accessible to everyone (a move to bmg will undoubtedly help that).

while my mind writhes at most of the texts and pompous attitude of the songs, the rest of me cannot resist the simple charm and catchy melodies of "silvertears." clean vocals, with nicely used vocoder, simple catchy melodies, the lyrics that at times are quite na´ve, yet charming and catchy. jumpy dancefloor hits "wired-connected," "virtual state," "rainbow vs. stars," "silvertears" are all aimed at the dancefloor with sweet choruses and melodies that evils toy was always famous for. energetic ballads like "caution anti matter," slightly drum&bass-influenced "style" are followed by nicely orchestrated driving instrumental "symphony of sympathy" and yet another happy techno passage - "causing riots."

I suppose if you adopt a healthy (and reasonable) attitude towards this album, you should enjoy it a lot - a pleasant simple mix with incredible melodies and few modern twists that make it stand out on its own. it doesn't have too much electro in it, balancing between danceable light synth-pop and older evils toy sound spiced with heavy dance appeal.

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