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dreamscapes from the darkside
daft   1996
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Oct-2000
Enclose some of your dreams and relive them through these noir surrealistic soundscapes. Originally recorded between the years of 1990-95, Hybryds alongside many assisting musicians such as ah cama-sotz, ira deprofundis, george smits, and camilo gomez create magically dark compositions that show another edge of dark mysticism and ritualism.

We are introduced with disturbing sight of the beast deep within the shadows of the locked cage. Hollow atmospheres are charged with warm resonance patterns awakening the old ones that repeat their chants with hypnotic intensity. Feminine voices awake as the sun starts to rise over the horizon sending luminescent rays of gold, red, and orange through the clouds. These choirs are accompanied by male drones and distant voices of lost souls. The sounds of small birds dance and communicate with these apparitions. The sun rays softly melt the frost that covers the grass. The heat meets the frost and creates massive fog banks that slowly gain density. Mysterious derelict creatures feed from waters that lay alongside the grassy fields, disappearing quickly on the depths of which they came. You can hear them calling each other down below. We follow them down into the depths entering the darkest regions of the ocean where sunlight does not reach lost in the cold depths.

Distant reverberated cries push our anxiety and fear to another level. Everything becomes cold and bleak quickly as we fade out of consciousness just to awake suddenly to repulsive and foreboding regurgitation of demonic voices. We realize that we have been taken somewhere never seen nor experienced before. The place consists of catacombs and paths we must take.

Mystic shamanistic chants direct us through this dismal maze of nightmares. We follow the small trail of light that flickers and bounces off the stone walls. Feminine wails and ritualistic rhythms accompany our endless journey. Low undertones of flutes and other instruments gather closer to us as we move ahead, hearing the whispers of the unknown.

Soon enough we realize that we are not alone, as the voices grow louder and become more disturbing. Magic sounds accompany them as we slowly approach the flickering light. Tribal beats and chants are getting heavier and heavier, louder and louder. The presence of the walls becomes more apparent. The light gets warmer and almost blinds us as we walk further. The heart races, the steps stutter, but we continue to move on. The sound suddenly stops, thousands of glowing eyes are staring right at us as we enter the room. We are the subject of their domain.

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