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flatline   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Oct-2000
Well, it's been a few years, during which I have been wondering when these guys would put out another interesting ebm release. And finally Implant is back, signed to a very good growing label, introducing a surprisingly attractive new direction in their sound without killing some of the very best elements Implant is known for. Mastered by music guru John Sellekaers of metarc, Implant chooses paths unlike so many that have failed in the past few years in the ebm genre. Geert Machtelinck and Len Lemeire push their previous sound a little further working with intelligent technoid beat arrangements with high club-floor potential.

The band is keeping much of the same vocoder-treated vocals as on previous material, but with cleaner engineering this time around. The deranged hyper-melodies keep up with the times at the same time keeping that original “implant flavor.” Tracks such "cat-woman," "impact," and "nine" are good examples.

"digital junky," "J++," and "life support system" give us a new sense of ebm intensity, focusing more on somewhat techno and trance rhythms that would still have their appeal for any rivethead.

My only complaints would be the use of some very poor samples such as those from “alien.” How many more times do we have to hear these!

As a bonus, three alternate remixes are provided by the likes of Kris Kylven of Eon Project, Pierrepoint's Dave Kirvel, and Battle of the Future Buddhas. All pretty decent, but I have favor Pierrepoint’s direct approach this time around; it seems to be the most relevant, something that Kirvel is known for. I must say that if you are a DJ, you better have this!

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