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delta v
gun music   2000
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gun music

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Oct-2000
This Gun Music’s second release comes packaged in a very modern translucent soft slim-case that opens from the top. After much hype and various compilation appearances, frontman of this project, Nathan Moody finally gives us a small teaser of what’s to come from this very diversified artist. Exploring new directions of the electro industrial genre, Railgun takes some of the very best features of other leading artists such as Gridlock and Individual Totem developing fresh new recipe of his own. This project utilizes a persistency of erratic fractured beats, drum n’ bass, sporadic synthetics, abrasive attacks and lo-fi effects together with attractive melodic interludes.

This eight track ep contains six tracks from the artist and two additional remixes by Scar Tissue and fellow label mate Takshaka. The intro track leads us into “scarab” which opens with clean electronic charges that are enticed with a velocity of bouncy beats and accented synthetics. The play on artificial effects that bounce in and out keep the track interesting. The next track “And then the machines,” locks into spontaneous but somewhat organized attacking beats and pacing short modulations as well as other percussive devices. “Schizm” utilizes much of the same procedures as the previous tracks, but this time revealing more drawn-out strings to accent the challenge. I have to admit this one is very good, but it is very much a side-step understudy track of Gridlock’s work, almost sounding like them at times. Track five chills out with a soft alien groove rhythms that utilize guitar, soft strings and swelling bass arrangements.

Takshaka adds their flavor to “schism” using those nice bass swells and dark strings they are know for. I enjoy this slightly different approach to the track, that keeps its original appeal. Scar Tissue takes a mediocre approach to the unreleased track titled “gunrunner”. Some nice string patches and atmospheres, but lame drum n’ bass rhythms get old quickly on this track. I expected a lot more from Steve and Phil, especially after hearing some of their stunning work in form/alkaline. We end this with a short but effective off-world soundscape epilogue that contains weird samples of aliens conversing.

Well, in conclusion, I anticipate hearing a full-length soon, because this material grows on you greatly.

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