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self-released   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 1-Oct-2000
it took only few moments into this short 4-track demo before I was completely captivated by it. heavy crashing percussion of opening “raized” breaking through with the persistence of rhythm&noise with slight hint of ebm roots, gentle distant synthline soaring on the background, contrasting hissing, squealing, breaking chaos of percussion.

yet another clean synhtline and few samples on top of broken dislocated rhythms remind of ebm evolved on following “hyphen”. as with other tracks on this demo, it was hard for me to come up with any comparisons; corroded squeals and very precise explosive percussion reminded me of early imminent starvation, but tracks on the demo are a lot more “solid,” beating the listener into the ground with crushing determination, which in turn might bring back the memories of speedcore or some of the latest patrick stevens work, which still is only a weak attempt to draw parallels between certain aspects of sound.

“blank disk” triumphantly marches with heavily processed clashing beat that by its heaviness might remind latest winterkalte material, but nicely placed menacing atmospheric moments break it apart and build a completely different mood where ferocity and mechanized intensity is backed by slowly breathing machinery. gabbercore-like passages of removal finish up this impressive work.

by far “kef” is in my top 5 demos for this year including stylistically similar pulse-8 and recently signed aural blasphemy. I wouldn’t mind seeing better packaging and presentation of the future material, together with exploring more of the synthesis of strings with harsh percussion assaults and uneasy corroded ambient that the band seems to be so good at, but this of course is merely an opinion.

this demo was quite unexpected and refreshing surprise, and my inability to identify any obvious similarities (as opposed to some of the aural blasphemy material) proves that this hybrid of ebm ferocity and mechanized intensity of rhythmic noise is something definitely worth checking out.

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