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venetian snares
printf("shiver in eternal darkness/n");
isolate   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 22-Sep-2000
venetian snares is a bastard child of drum&bass that destroys its parent to see what it's made of, and then builds a creature of its own from the scattered remnants with twisted humor and wicked mastery, injecting a healthy dose of juvenile ferocity and love for chaos and disturbance.

this cd is twisted drumn&bass offspring where there's only the name and most common elements left of the genre, the rest is free improvisation where main features are constant change, experimentation and an incredible mix of different sounds. short crashing speedcore passages, dense drill&bass, explosive noisy patterns, sparse strings and short ambient moments make up this release.

minimal "fire is in the devil" with almost beefcake feel of dark emotional strings and sparse cut-up corroded percussion that slowly evolves and speeds up is contrasted by pure driving energy of "suasive chess strategy" with its crushing ferocity of speedcore passages, interrupted by moments of twisted confused ambience. "hours" and "aqap" keep up with the pace, overloading the listener with myriad of changing shapes.

straightforward and aggressive approach of "punishing the atoms" is contrasted by dark complex arrangements of "stuck" where constant percussion explores dark passages filled with fading samples, mysterious noises and dislocated strings.

what I have noticed on quite a few tracks was a fair amount of somewhat childish attitude - punk-rock and downright trashy. this is something I could easily fall for few years ago, but here it sounds a bit out of place. it seems that the band is afraid to take itself seriously hiding behind intentional funkiness, goofy samples inserted when the atmosphere is starting to get overly serious.

composition-wise it could be improved - roughly half of the tracks at times seem to be somewhat awkwardly put together with widest range of sounds scattered at what seems to be completely random fashion, exploring sound manipulations rather than creating a cohesive atmosphere. but at the same time the same variety seems to draw me in and makes me listen to this album again and again.

overall this is a very refreshing and interesting cd that is a great example of musicians that are coming from a different background, embracing aggressive abrasive sound, blending techno and noisy elements together; something very promising and definitely recommended to widest audience.

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