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huren & kareem
1995 - 2000
zhark   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 11-Sep-2000
this is the first release on zhark that got into my hands. it took me a few weeks to fully get into this album – probably because of slightly unusual mix of dark abrasive ambient textures that require some time and patience from the listener and rough yet strangely subtle techno structures that dominate majority of the tracks.

overall this album is a fine combination of minimal and carefully arranged abrasive technoid rhythms, dark ambient atmospheres built of mechanized elements, pulsating rich sweeps and slowly developing monotonous passages.

beginning with dark ambient introduction, filled with ominous strings, we are advancing to “zeckendorf” where dark pulsating beat provides a steady background for abrasive frequencies and fading atmospheric sweeps. disjointed ricocheting and corroded beats are overlapped with minimal percussion and tension is built up by monotonous minimal technoid elements. graceful lush strings continue on “ciclop” and evolve into beautiful harmonious textures of “the shroud,” where subtle beauty of strings elements is accentuated by flowing minimal techno. the rhythm picks up on “eternal return” with tweaked frequencies and dislocated beats building up to crescendos that remind me of somatic responses. “azerbajan” resembles slowed-down militant speedcore overloaded with noisy percussion spinning out of control tearing apart the atmosphere carefully built by “satorius.” abrasive “hudrol” follows the same path emphasizing the contrast between spacey strings and rough percussion.

this is not really techno, not it is idm or ambient or mutated technoid sound a’la hymen for this matter; rather it is a fine combination of dark textures utilizing industrial, conventional techno and deep atmospheric elements in a unique and unusual way. at certain point it reminded me of richness and quiet force of substanz t’s epic “deep low vibrating frequencies.” the diversity and the range of styles used is one of the reasons why this album is so addicting. this cd turned out to be an intriguing insight into a refined world of hypnotizing deep atmospheres spliced with unusually placed conventional techno elements, a recording that grows on you slowly, opening new interpretations each time you listen to it.

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