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evils toy
virtual state
bmg   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 7-Aug-2000
this is the first output from the band after their incredible "angels only" that was released back in 1998 (not counting contributions to few and one albums). the band finally started working on their upcoming full-length "silvertears" in november 1999 that would become the first album to be released without thorsten brenda that has recently left the band.

one of the first and biggest surprises was clever integration of drum'n'bass elements into "the single effect". this track seems to be a fullfillment of band's promise to explore this music style. this is still evils toy - light arrangements built around precise breakbeats; soaring, fluid, atmospheric moments trade places with more prominent percussion, still keeping alive the amazing melodic sound of the band.

opening "virtual style" is a tribute to older band's sound; it is elegant flowing track with dreamy arrangements, beautiful harmony of female and male vocals. simple and gorgeous passages revive the success of "angels only," while slightly pompous lyrics appear more na´ve and pure rather than being silly.

warm "inside out" is a slower track with incredibly catchy melody and sweet, soft chorus that is nothing groundbreaking, but yet incredibly soft and gentle. the most poppy yet catchy work I have heard from the band, that still keeps up with the old elegant sound.

finally and one returns the favor remixing title track, slowing it down and adding funky driving elements.

it would be hard for the band to repeat the success of incredible "angels only," that seemed to be the last step of the band's exploration of this particular music style; after that album they had to move on exploring different sound, and it appears that "virtual state" does exactly that.

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