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total fucking revolution edits
silver recordings   2000
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silver recordings

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 30-Jul-2000
holon is yet another collaboration of koen lybaert known as force behind u-cover, silver records and starfish pool. on this release koen is joined by japan’s riou tomita. “the total fucking revolution edits” is last release for silver records, since u-cover was created as its successor.

duo presents 23 tracks of electronic music that consists of post-industrial elements, long atmospheric passages, rare soaring synthlines, weird breakbeats, occasional furious drum’n’bass patterns fused into hypnotizing and fluid electronic textures. while music is undeniably techno-oriented, there are enough interesting elements ranging from controlled hard breaks and subtle noisy interjections to corroded ambient sweeps and dark throbbing basslines that give this release a darker edge.

most of the songs are build on some sort of persistent percussion texture that is intertwined with pure frequencies, noisy beats, atmospheric waves and quiet humming of electronic backed by mysterious bassline. somehow the music is not nearly as mechanized as some of band’s labelmates - it has softer and more “organic” feeling that might partially explain my unusual fascination with this album. yet another reason for its success might be incorporation of dark ambient motives with occasional subtle industrial elements that connect modernistic approach of holon to its predecessors in those genres.

holon is a fine combination of koen’s interest in pure rhythms combined with wide variety of sound patterns and elements from many genres. this strangely addictive record is surprisingly solid and its hypnotic nature manages to accentuate subtlety of countless variations.

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