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ultra milkmaids
chickens in the kitchen
u mohol   1996
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 12-Jul-2000
Packaged in a monochromatic sleeve with simple design and a personal mysterious photograph, this VHS contains three rare videos done by all three Milkmaid brothers, Y.O.R. These videos take you through the corridors of your imagination and each time leave you with a curiosity to go back for more insight.

The first video, "the chickens in the kitchen", takes on a beautiful yet unpleasant trip through the eyes of a chicken. With music by O., we are allured by the hypnotic colliding string textures that lead us into this nightmare of metamorphic cells. We enter with the red chromatics of two men going (probably Milkmaid brothers) in and out of this corridor (looped) while a strange glass-like texture starts to emulate through. The bleak atmosphere changes with a subtle appearance of a beloved live chicken blown by the wind. With the music giving it majesty and power, the earlier cells emerge again and bring along a contemplating seated hungry man (waiting to eat, possibly?)

Interpretations could vary, that is the beauty of this entire video collection. These montages slowly fade between each other as the music drifts on. And in the end the echoing clucks of the chicken and possible hatchet become more apparent of the cruelty in which man puts upon it, leaving you with one final scream of the chicken.

The second video, "trouble time" features music by music by Y.; it deals with more elusive theme, that still leaves open to different interpretations. Here we are surrounded by sloth-like cycling rhythms that pan around revolving pipe structures. The waves shift with the pace of the spinning mechanical movements of this strange but simple device while subtle layers emerging in and out, adding depth. Time may be the answer to this one, but the conclusion is yours to own.

The third video, "yorjc jyrpurporoc" seems to be the most disturbing and most complex of all the pieces on this tape. Here brilliantly dark music is executed by Y. again. Utilizing red hue shifts and transitional abysmal droning strings, we enter a world of cold and derelict imagery. As the layers unfold, we enter with the subtle movements of a swirling fan and enclosed being in a room of some nature. Again interpretations may vary, which is good. This alien imagery shifts with slow motions of various cells of people, such as a mother holding her child and masses of people. A cell of two small cattle playing and a small child beating them apart drifts towards the end of this montage of violent events. Which leads to cells we had witnessed earlier. The cycle of violence may be one interpretation of this video.

Overall a very brilliantly conceived piece of work in its entirety and one that every fan of these artists should have in their collection. Looking forward to seeing more from this project.

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