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3rioart   1999
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hybryds/p·a·l-yasnaïa split review

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 12-Jul-2000
Travel and unfold the magical and mystical world of an enchanting band that has been creating masterful works for more than a decade. On this multimedia CD-ROM we explore the Hybryds even further with exclusive live videoclips and tv documentaries, rare interviews & press reviews, an extraordinary collection of ritual and erotic art by Magthea, video visual art by Yasnaïa, digital poems and vr stories, photos on the road, and a complete discography and history of the band with audioclips. Compiled and constructed by ReCyDesign (Sandy Njs) and Yasnaïa (Leen Smets), this cd-rom presents the very best source of information about the band and is completely interactive for all to use.

We enter this virtually constructed world with an introduction area about the band. We are given an overview of the Hybryds development, collaborations, and side-projects throughout the past thirteen years; Magthea's involvement with Klinik early on, how the music had changed and progressed from the primitive ambient ritualism to the cyberpunk rhythms of the LO-TEKS, and an understanding of Yasnaïa's work in the Hybryds and as a solo project. Excerpts of various tracks over the years are available to listen to while reading this overview of band's extensive history.

The next section, “interviews,” contains two very important and rare interviews, one with Magthea, one with Yasnaïa, and a collection of various press reviews from all over the world. Magthea's unedited interview with Dirk Hoffman of Zillo magazine in 96 gives us some understanding of the band and the conceptionalism that lies behind it. Yasnaïa tells even more about Hybryds and her self-titled solo-project to Black Magazine from Germany. And to end this section we have a collective of press-reviews from such countries as China, Russia, Spain, the UK, and France.

The “Video” section contains six exclusive video interviews with Magthea (Sandy Njs), live footage from various shows, including their very first live gig. The first one, "Industrial in Belgium," covers an exclusive documentary with Sandy Njs outside just after performing, some clips of ritual performances, and pictures of other current primitive tribes used during their shows. The second video taken in Melkbrigade, shows live footage excerpts and another talk with Sandy Njs on the idealism of his project. The third video takes a peek at some of the ritual performers entrancing the shapes of the music in their very first gig from 88 in Fabrik. The next, Stubnitz in Stockholm from 98 we enjoy the beautiful textural atmospheres of Hybryds while entangled with a complexity of virtual landscapes, high-tech and fetish imagery. On the fourth, Yasnaïa presents an enchanting live performance of her solo project with aquatic video textures and abstract imagery. And the sixth video clip contains a look at some cyberpunk live rituals with positive and negative overlays of Magthea and Yasnaïa performing their alluring music.

The “Art Gallery” section gives an insight into Magthea's brilliant ritual art and erotic photography, Yasnaïa's video work and art, pictures of the band on tour with friends, and stunning digital poetry books. The first unit of this section takes us into the beautiful and powerful digital work of ReCyDeSign (Magthea). Here we explore mythical correlations of the male and female forms, natural textures, ritualistic elements and how they interact together. Next unit contains various photos of Magthea, Yasnaïa, and friends such as Imminent Starvation, Deutsch Nepal, P.A.L., and Dive on the road. The feminine lines section shows us some soft & glowing erotic photography by Magthea which later was used for some of his pieces in digital Book of NaHeMa. Yasnaïa presents her magical and mysterious video imagery in the next section. And the final unit contains two awesome digital poems for the psyche. The first one, “The Book Of Magic” presents a mystical tale of the ancient ones and the journeys that lay ahead with a variety of interactive elements throughout. Here you can find some of Yasnaïa's video work as well. While “Book of NaHeMa” tells us a very personal and powerful tale that gives us foresight to new projects that lie ahead with wonderful artwork to ascend its journey. The last section we can explore is the VR environments of Oniro, Angel & Warrior, and the Oracle. Here we can experience a complete 3-D environment of the ancients and the worlds they have created by simply moving the mouse about and zooming in and out to explore these treasures further.

To close this review, I must tell all fans as well and newcomers, that this is the most complete, unique, and informative cd I own. So I highly recommend all to look into this, if you have not already, for you surely will not regret it! Explore the mind further, explore Hybryds.

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