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ultra milkmaids
noise museum   1997
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 12-Jul-2000
Being my favorite so far of all the milkmaids material, vorely is a creation of these brilliant twin musicians, known as Y.& R. that build a tunnel of hallucinogenic mindscapes for all enthusiasts of intelligent ambience.

On this first full release we explore the subtle transitional cycles and metamorphic states of electronic ambience. We are entangled with an array of reversed and sloth-like string environments and bleak drifting cells that shift throughout on the first few tracks. Fading ambient collisions and depressing guitar-scapes of "Vor" continue. On track six, "Lyr" we explore moody transitions of ambient devices similar to Aphex Twin's earlier years. Utilizing beautiful yet extremely depressing compositions that entice the mind over and over. Past memories unfold while massive strings phase in and out with subtle percussive devices harmonize throughout last few tracks. “Vorely” is colossal intelligent dark ambience for the psyche.

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