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soundtrack for the aquarium
daft   1995
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hybryds/p·a·l-yasnaļa split review

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 12-Jul-2000
Originally composed in 1993 for the Antwerp Zoo, Magthea, Yasnaļa, and Ah Cama-Sotz sculpture the underwater depths of the unknown. With the help of the dolphinarium crew, R.Van de Veld (underwater sound recordings), and professor C. Kamminga (dolphin ultrasonics) they surround your mind with seventy-four minutes of pure mythical aquatic soundscapes.

We dive into this ritual with the alluring and subtle hydro-textures and slow ambient movements of "orca." Utilizing timeless shifting frequencies and subtle call of these beloved creatures, we can easily immerse ourselves into this environment. We continue on with mysterious liquid textures, soft ambient string arrangements, reversed transporting sounds, and the occasional ultrasonic clattering of underwater mammals.

On track three, "het enigma der dolfijen", we delve into mystical acoustic textures of the ancient and their feminine communications with those old ones of the sea. On the next track, "in the wake of the great sea-serpents", we hear the sounds of the dirgeridoo collide with the callings of the whales. Bleak sloth-like atmospheres mesh with the cries of the dolphins, while enchanted with the subtleties of Yasnaļa's voice and metamorphic cycles of the depths. We move on with the soft chimes and drones of the ancients swimming with the sea gods on track six, "archeozoicum." On the next track, we fall into abysmal structures that lead us falling through various rings of signals and environments of the lords of the ocean. On "wailing for the whales" we hear the call of these colossal creatures communicate with wonderful saxophone enchantments, wave breaks, and bubbling synthetics. We close this tale with a conversation between two animals of the sea, Ivo & Dolly to the hidden track which ends with the beautiful reversed aquatic atmosphere, subtle digital textures, and underwater heartbeats.

Wonderfully composed and and highly innovative, Hybryds once again seems to astonish me with their brilliance!

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