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kfx   1998

album rating: 1

submitted by alan on 12-Jul-2000
This abstract-ambient side-project of Ultra Milkmaids consist of Y. Here we expand the mind with funky bio-rhythmic and technoid-hip-hop ambient themes. A variety of drum n' bass, jungle, trip-hop, and plain out erratic percussives are present throughout this release. dt.y. uses complimentary subtle bass line elements and tweaked-out frequencies and echoes that intersect each other. Tracks such as four and six unravel weird thoughts of treks into mysterious off-worlds touching surface with alien hip-hoppers. Soft and mysterious ambience submerges around you on track "crash nb. 28." While the last four tracks play with spontaneous sound manipulations and strange rhythms and samples that reminds me on something on Warp records, nice. Very strange and very different from the father project Ultra Milkmaids.

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