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aqui y ahora en el silencio
out of line   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-Jun-2000
this new ep from hocico finally helped me to overcome the frustration caused by previous studio album. somehow I could not see hocico moving to more danceable and "polished" sound; ferocity and violence of first albums is what attracted me so much in the band; seems like with this release it's either me who finally accepted the new sound, or hocico managed to blend those two approaches together in one mix.

"starving children" is "classic" hocico track with melodic synthlines and steady violent percussion. eerie, dark and nicely orchestrated track with moments of sheer violence followed by fluid melodic passages with deep synthlines. "poltergeist" is quite straightforward with simple danceable percussion and plenty of noisy interjections. halfway through the track breaks out into melodic passages with powerful strings and pulsing electronics. old-school energy of "nothing black" is simply irresistible; the passion behind this song is what makes it so powerful. funky overtones of "episodio" are drowned in rich monumental strings and gorgeous symphonic arrangements that lead to closing bonus track, "a broken glass"; energetic mix of pulsing danceable electronics with straightforward percussion; fluid synthlines contrast explosive rhythms.

I could not resist the temptation of putting side by side this album and newest suicide commando offering. it is quite interesting to compare moods created by both bands - so similar and different at the same time. both feature passionate and heavy sound, strong emphasis on vocal processing; many sound elements used are quite different but somehow the impression created by both of them is strikingly similar. to prove the point, both bands have exchanged remixes - hocico has modified "comatose delusion" on latest suicide commando release, and here we are treated with nicely distorted "spit as an offense". two mixes of this track are my absolute favorites on this disc - very melodic compositions with elegant strings, powerful heavy percussion and processed vocals. pulsing violent beats are followed by beautiful harmonious moments torn apart by distorted vocals.

with recent european tourdates, this band finally gets the worldwide recognition it deserved after all these years and numerous releases. hocico is the first name that pops up in your mind when some one mentiones electronic music from mexico or latin america.

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