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ayatollah dollar
staalplaat   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by the black oil on 20-Jun-2000
From Staalplaat comes this new MCD, the latest release in the Muslimgauze (RIP) subscription series. Limited to 500, it is available to subscribers only. Once again, Staalplaat has done an incredible job on the presentation and packaging of this release. The disc comes in a transparent and embossed greed jewel case, with the title of the release imprinted on the case, similar to the "Azad" or "Remixs Vol. 3" cases.

Musically, the works of Muslimgauze are a blend of jagged and sometimes distorted Middle Eastern percussion, skittering electronics, crackling static, unpredictable breaks and pauses, and a variety of samples, usually with a decidedly Arabic flavor. Recent releases have also shown an incorporation of dub and reggae elements into the mix, and this continues here. "Tikrit" opens with looped percussion over a laid-back reggae beat. With its repetition, the track lulls the listener into a trancelike feel, until the flow is suddenly interrupted by outbursts of distortion, gradually breaking the once pristine track into a disjointed mass. The title track, meanwhile, is propelled by a wonderfully aggressive and non-linear dub beat, while underneath various voice samples are interspersed with the sound of various weird electronic frequencies, giving the listener the impression that he or she is tuned to the radio in some far off land. "Mazzin Zehawi" blends more percussive loops with a cascading sample of what sounds like a guitar. Gradually, the loops fade in volume, while crackling static rises to the forefront. Eventually, the percussion struggles to the surface again, only to have the track finally end in static.

"Ayatollah Dollar" is yet another intriguing release from one of experimental music's most prolific artists. In all aspects, this is a beautiful item that demands to be part of your collection.

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