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mistrust authority
someting weird   1996
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hybryds/p·a·l-yasnaļa split review

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 19-Jun-2000
Ritualistic lo-tek cyberpunk music of hybryds is once again transporting the listener to another universe. Packaged in a simple white sleeve with primitive ritual art enclosed, we explore the world of William Gibson and the cause against political and religious suppression. Engaging the mind towards more abrasive noise synthetics and distorted percussive elements that continue to induce the mind towards hypnotic states of being.

We witness rebirth of earlier hybryds sound and explore the depths of dense textural and droning atmospherics, sweeping sonic waves, and further various vocal stylings. Songs such as "No more running away" convey faster and more dirging bio-synthetic beats that merge with abrasive textures and overlayed dominating, mysterious male vocals by a deity called Magthea. Colossal track "I Walk Alone" overloads your psyche with its dominating and powerful ritualistic rhythms and massively destructive vocals of Magthea that are contrasted by the beautifully enchanting female vocals of Yasnaļa. A brilliant step into the future of ritualism!

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