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escaped from room 7
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 19-Jun-2000; last updated on 20-Jun-2000 by anton
Packaged in an ultra-heavy, beautifully cold, neutral gray, embossed gatefold sleeve (artwar by s.alt), this double lp mastered on metarc studios is the first release from a very promising new sub-label called vacuum. We engage eleven tracks where cellulo´d mata is working with various artists to produce menagerie of new and unique experimental technoid-ambient sounds for the mind.

We enter room 7 with a "m.i.s.c" - a collaboration with imminent which engages dirging driving rhythms and tweaked attacks and squeals. The next collaboration with hita corporated titled "the council" portrays nice static rhythmic structuring with slightly affected female vocals that are paced perfectly with attacking rhythms. "Eastern works" I a result of collaboration with drahomira song orchestra; it presents distant sounds of old and reversed textures that are swallowed and nearly eaten by fierce droning structures that build with chaotic intensity.

Side b of the first lp introduces a collaboration of with s.alt ("swamp thing"). Here we evoke the simplicity of subtle wood block rhythms that are amplified and entangled with synthetic programmed rhythms that are counteracted by further traditional percussion aspects that build upon each other. The second song is a collaboration with ultra milkmaids; "ryst" builds upon a consistent reverbed string element and subtle distant percussives allude its power by merging between its sound.

On side c of the second lp somatic responses with "pale/blend" engages you with menagerie of subtle and eerie distant strings that are slowly entrapped and submersed by erratic abrasive percussive attacks and rhythms which rest and attack each other with extreme viciousness. The next collaboration involves etereo expandeum club. On "marcus the prophet" we are introduced with subtle guitars, drones & atmospherics that attack with rhythmic phases and static intensities and crunch down percussives that lead to trip-hop funk rhythms that are subtlety engaged. The third collaboration with roger rotor is titled "white foam on black beer". Here we experience a funky technoid rhythm that is contrasted by various subtle traditional and non-traditional percussive elements.

On Side d we are given a "spark variation" - a result of collaboration with mlada fronta that builds on spacey simplistic frequencies that are entangled and intensified by an array of rhythms while the frequencies change their charges and build even further with more sound attacks. The next collaboration, "gasoline", with oil 10, entices the mind with a sound drop that is counteracted with abrasively explosive percussive aspects.

We escape room 7 with a final collaboration titled "lan assault" by xingu hill; fast and erratic percussives are layered with unique phasing attacks and a consistent subtle string progression that never dies. In conclusion, it is a promising new label with a very unique perspective on new ways of enticing the mind. Judging by the musicians involved, there's a lot more to expect from vacuum in the experimental realm of electronic music.

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